BibleWorks No Longer Producing Bible Software

The following is a sad piece of news recently released by BibleWorks. If you are a BibleWorks user, or if you would like to buy a license to BibleWorks 10 before they discontinue support, you’ve got until June 15, 2018.


A special note to our friends

BibleWorks has been serving the church for 26 years by providing a suite of professional tools aimed at enabling students of the Word to “rightly divide the word of truth”. But it has become increasingly apparent over the last few years that the need for our services has diminished to the point where we believe the Lord would have us use our gifts in other ways. Accordingly as of June 15, 2018 BibleWorks will cease operation as a provider of Bible software tools. We make this announcement with sadness, but also with gratitude to God and thankfulness to a multitude of faithful users who have stayed with us for a large part of their adult lives. We know that you will have many questions going forward and we will do our best to answer some of them here.

Can I continue to use BibleWorks on a PC?

If you have a valid license for BibleWorks 10 you can continue to use the program as usual. We will, Lord willing, continue to provide compatibility fixes for BibleWorks 10 well into the future. This will ensure that you can continue to use the program for the long term. Compatibility updates will be provided through the normal updater mechanism within the program. However, if you want to license BibleWorks 10 or any add-on modules for any version of BibleWorks, you must do so before June 15.

What about the Mac version of the program?

BibleWorks updates for the PC will also work on the Mac platform. If you want to continue using the Mac version we do encourage you to upgrade to BibleWorks 10 while it is still available. We will do our best to insure compatibility of BibleWorks 10 with future Mac OS changes but the situation is more complex than with the PC platform. The coming macOS versions require 64-bit programs. BibleWorks is in good shape for this, and we will soon release a full x64 Mac dmg. We will also be working with CodeWeavers to explore options for them to continue compatibility support for the BibleWorks Mac Installer. Finally, in any case, Mac users will likely be able to fall back to using a virtual machine (like Virtual Box, Fusion, or Parallels).

Will any support for the program be available after June 15?

After June 15, 2018 program support will no longer be available via e-mail or telephone. However, we will keep the BibleWorks forum active so that users can continue to interact and get help from each other. We will also keep the BibleWorks Knowledge Base active to provide answers to the most common questions about BibleWorks functionality. We will endeavor to keep these support alternatives available for as long as they are useful to users.

What about versions of BibleWorks prior to version 10?

After June 15, versions of BibleWorks prior to version 10 will no longer be supported. Current installations for all versions will continue to function normally. However, in the unlikely event that a driver or Windows update breaks the program, there will be no updates to fix the problem. It is important to note that many people are still using 15 year old versions of the program on Windows. However, if you want to continue using the program for the long term, we encourage you to upgrade to BibleWorks 10 while it is still available.

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[UPDATE] Accordance Bible Software is offering really good cross-over packages for BibleWorks users who would like to switch to Accordance. Check out their gracious offering and take advantage of it while you can.