Covenant Seminary’s New Fully-online Degree

Covenant Theological Seminary, the well-regarded PCA seminary based out of St. Louis, has just launched a new MA program — and it’s completely online.

Despite the last decade’s dramatic emphasis on online learning, seminaries are often relatively slow to launch fully-online programs. Whether it’s an institutionalized-reluctance to change from the centuries-old method of classroom learning, or whether accreditation agencies are just slowly figuring out how to maintain high standards and accountability with online learning (heck, I think we should all appreciate their care in that area!) — regardless of the reason for the scarcity of quality online degrees, it’s a real thing. And that’s what makes the new Master of Arts (Biblical and Theological Studies) from Covenant Seminary such a win.

This MABTS is about 2/3 the length of an MDiv, and unlike Covenant’s MDiv, can be completed either on-campus, or completely from a distance. With an optional thesis and a solid biblical languages track, it will be a great option for those interested in pursuing either an MDiv (with easy transfer) or a PhD.

Now there is one caveat: this degree program is still pending approval by the accrediting agencies, but they expect it to be fully approved and ready to rock by Fall, 2018.

Here’s the course-work breakdown:

  • Biblical Studies – 29 credit hours
  • Biblical and Systematic Theology – 15 credit hours
  • Church History – 3 credit hours
  • Electives – 18 credit hours
  • Capstone – 1 credit hour
  • Thesis (optional) – 4 credit hours (taken as part of the elective hours)

Learn more about the MABTS, and if you enroll make sure to drop us a note and let us know how it’s going. Covenant has also announced another hybrid course. You can find the joint-announcement here.



PS. Here’s a little anecdotal testimony from the author: a good friend of mine is a current Covenant student, and both of us have been thoroughly impressed with their academic rigor, and by the balance of calling the students up via incredible challenge alongside the idea that sometimes, it might be a sin for you to get an A. From everything I’ve seen of Covenant, color me impressed.