Introducing Zondervan MasterLectures

Zondervan Academic is changing the game of online theological education. MasterLectures is a new streaming service with thousands of high-quality theological lectures from leading evangelical theologians, pastors, and teachers.

In recent years we’ve seen the launch of Logos Mobile Ed, TGC Courses, and the continuing presence of iTunes U. But Zondervan MasterLectures brings the depth of content available on all of these platforms into a familiar, easy-to-use platform which is similar to Netflix. There’s no fancy gimmicks or complicated syllabi; just well-filmed, expertly-delivered theological content with a keen eye to user-friendliness.

There’s simply no learning curve to the platform. Once you create an account and log in, you’ll see groups of lectures (think of them as courses) categorized into familiar areas of study: New Testament, Apologetics, Theology, History, Biblical Languages, and more. And with new content added every other week, you won’t run out of learning opportunities.

A Selection of Courses

There are too many lectures and scholars to list here. But here are a few outstanding courses from reliable experts in their fields:

Reading Biblical Greek, with Constantine Campbell (95 videos)

The Triune God, with Fred Sanders (16 videos)

The Story of Reality, with Greg Koukl (6 videos)

Daniel, with Wendy Widder (11 videos)

Revelation, with Craig Keener (22 videos)

Other notable scholars include:

  • Michael Bird
  • Tremper Longman III
  • Justin Holcomb
  • Mariam Kovalishyn
  • Abdu Murray
  • Dan Wallace
  • Bruce Longenecker
  • Bill Mounce
  • Sam Chan
  • Craig Blomberg
  • K. Scott Oliphant

Is it worth subscribing?

Yes. I love it. Seriously, I’m using it regularly and will continue to do so. What strikes me above nearly everything else with MasterLectures is the quality of the videos. They are interested, well-produced, and there’s variety — you won’t be staring at the same white screen for each course. Whether it’s NT Wright sitting on a stone in the Middle East or Craig Keener in front of a fireplace, the setting and quality lets me easily engage with the content.

MasterLectures is a $14.99/mo subscription service, but you can try your first 14 days for free. Don’t wait — jump on this now and take advantage of a tremendous learning opportunity, for scholars, laypeople, pastors and students alike. Try it out!