Luther Seminary Receives $21 Million Gift

Are you thinking about becoming a Lutheran minister? This may be a wonderful time to consider Luther Seminary.

Luther Seminary, the nation’s largest Lutheran seminary, has received a $21 million gift to experiment with more flexible and faster ways for its students to finish their clergy training.

A lucky 30 students will be selected each year, for the next three years, to receive a tuition-free education at the St. Paul seminary and participate in new ways of learning on campus and in church communities…

The pilot program will allow the seminary to educate and train students in two years, instead of four years typically needed for a master’s degree in divinity, she said. That will significantly reduce the cost to students and reduce college debt, which has been a detriment to seminary school enrollment.


Of course the seminary is not restricted to ELCA students — 31% of the 526-students represent 41 non-Lutheran denominations, which makes this a pretty ecumenical institution, particularly considering their strong denominational affiliation. This institution has a 1/17 ratio of faculty to students, so you will receive some hands-on and personal instruction. They are ATS and HLC accredited, and will cost an average of $35,578 annually, including living expenses and textbooks. 43% graduate without seminary debt.

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